Building engineering and energetics

One of the characteristics of our operational processes organization that they are operation in ISO 9001 standard based requirements. Business advisory industry is dealing with engineering the quality assurance systems. Here the number of employees is currently 15 and 95% of them hold a higher-education diploma. We are running a branch in Munich since 2004.

The main activities of this business:

  • industrial planning and technology

  • foreman duty

  • maintenance of building engineering equipment

  • business advisory

  • creating competition

Engineering activities works in the shape of subcontractor activities for manufacturer maintenance companies (building engineering controlling ,planning and repairing tasks also engineering ,site architecting and maintenance of waste water cleaning equipment and planning , foreman duties for building engineering). We are in contact with numerous German companies , whose products we purchased and resale them during building engineering works.

We made a throughout building management and air-technology surveys in 8 TESCO stores of the country, and also fixing the issues that surfaced during the survey. We are continuously receiving orders for resolving building engineering and air technology system maintenance issues.

On the field of planning and implementing building engineering, our clients include Federal Mogul Bt. and EUROSPEED Logistics Centre.


Our task in Győr Plaza are currently LANDIS & STAEFA building management equipment supervising, continuously adjusting its parameters according to the needs and also the backup management of their system, while maintaining the Győr Plaza building energetics system.

We are doing repair services of pumps , circulators, lifting pumps and special fuel pumps(WILO, GRUNDFOS) for The German house technology company Voith Industrial Services Kft.

We have high level experiences of marketing, implementing and repairing WILO and GRUNDFOS pumps.

Everywhere, it’s an expectation to make a suggestion for energy saving, Generally the energy rationalising ideas that show return in 3 years’ time has to be realised.

Our competence

We have colleagues with the appropriate qualification to run the systems mentioned above.

An experienced building engineer leading the technical colleagues, who also has a “green card” in fridge engineering, an EU system energy auditor and qualification for building energetics.

Every colleague doing operative work has a technician certificate on their fields and one main practicing building engineer leading the team.

Intervention on a programming level are being handled by our programming engineer colleagues.

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