The real successful companies – larger or smaller – make a difference with thinking in processes and not in tasks.

Meaning they are synchronising their operation with their goals creating workflows in order to achieve them.

Continuously enhancing these processes via monitoring and measuring results.

Our corporate operation supporting solutions wish to achieve, that we are contributing to our clients become a real successful company.

How can we help with that?

  • Training

  • Processes

    • Mapping
    • Analysing
    • Optimisation
  • Central content management. One of the main condition of Process-oriented operation is centralising the information, distributing them, and controlling their accessibility.

  • Workflow system. With the aid of modern IT equipment, the real corporal processes can be automatized reducing the administration and making the operation trackable.

For supporting the workflow and creating an IT solution for content management, we picked the German engineered ELO Digital Office software product family.


  • Cost cutting – with faster workflows.

  • Saving of working hours – with lightning fast information accessing.

  • Facilitating the management – with the increased transparency of the processes.

  • Ensuring the conformity to the laws.

  • Improvement of the quality of the services with the better availability.

  • More motivated employees with the division of labour.

Intelligent data recognition:DocXtractor

In case of a huge number of incoming invoices, with manual data recording a considerable amount of saving can be achieved.

The system beyond the usual OCR solutions, as a supplier it remembers the structures of the invoices.

Machine learning – after every invoice the it refreshes its best practice!

With this the rate of errors are minimal, which can be handled quickly an easy interface.

The invoice can be forwarded to the confirming workflow, or directly into the ERP system!

A few highlighted solution

A few reference from the field of workflow support and content management

Bonafarm group

As a part of creating an administration centre, the goal was the centralisation of incoming invoices. Automatic, intelligent data extraction from the invoices.

ÓAM – Ózdi Acélművek Kft.

standardising acquisition and sales processes, and also automatizing of the workflow system

LIDL Hungary

Storing electronically incoming invoices without printing. Integration of Digital signing.

Budapest Airport Zrt.

Standardising processes via workflow system. Ensure the compliance of Document management law.

Other references

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