Controlling, on the job for you and the Management

Making the view of controlling available, in order to lead your company with the inclusion of corporate goals, being future oriented and adjusted to environmental changes.

Achieve significant lead in the competition with well-implemented controlling

  • automatized, quick data gathering and processing from the many sources of the company

  • manage your data in a transparent structure, that completely reflects your business processes

  • plan your future annual income and expenses fast and simple, then compare your variations in the matter of seconds

  • synchronise your planning processes with your corporate processes

  • the immediate calculation of relevant information contributing to an optimal decision making

Professional tools in Seneca

  • ABC analysis: the purpose of this analysis: dividing the important from the unimportant
  • Pareto: The Pareto principal is used for distinguishing the little that matter from the non-essential, so in this case picking that few important issue that will bring the most value with them being resolved
  • Variance: the analysis of the difference between two timeline, e.g the comparison of plan and fact.
  • Clicking in a constructed structure, you can create diagrams immediately
  • Plan future annual income for the whole company under a single process with built-in designer modes.
  • Combine built-in designer modes in product groups or branches.
  • Inspect your company from different angles
  • Analyse expenses based on company or group of company
  • automatize the collection and process of the data
  • send your reports scheduled via e-mails
  • have an overview of the financial background of the company on a single interface
  • in focus the relevant information – making the most important facts available in a flash
  • Answer “what if..?” questions in seconds
  • plan your expenses and track what kind of effect they will have on your short of long term finances

Controlling from cloud! Reach your corporate information from anywhere, anytime, on anything!

Follow your company’s financial situation from home or during your trips from your phone.

Our solution is cloud based, so you only need a browser and internet access for fluent work!

Store your work in cloud! Why is this a good choice?

  • You don’t have to install anything, you don’t need to invest in a server

  • Monthly fee – there are no constraints using this solution

  • Automatic updates and maintenance – no need for an administrator

Prepared precise integration into an existing system

Integrate Seneca into your own IT environment.

Automatized data import from various sources, with a few click or fully automatized (ODBC, CSV, XML, Excel).

Custom developments


Direct connection with Microsoft solutions:

n form of Excel, Word, Power Point.

  • Excel: dynamic tables created in Seneca can be saved, and they will be editable and the modifications can be uploaded with a push of a button back into the system.
  • Word, Power Point: After connecting to Seneca, Diagrams and Reports can be downloaded and used for creating Presentations or Manuals.

Those who chose Seneca

“The controlling solution of Seneca speeds up planning, analysing and reporting. Back then, it was a lot of work collecting data from our system for processing and analysing.
The application if flexible and the built-in tools give us the possibility of efficient working. With Seneca, we can always focus on the essential.”

Füzesséry Tibor, Controlling Head of Department, – Gallicoop Pulykafeldolgozó Zrt.

“I need my financial data, regardless where I may be at the moment. This need can only be satisfied with a web-based system. In addition, the connection needs to be private and secure. For this, Seneca is our choice for controlling.”

Dr. Jens Bodenkamp, CFO, MobileLocation-Company GmbH, München

“The controlling of our investment portfolio creates us time consuming tasks all the time. The Seneca controlling gives us planning, analysing and benchmarking possibilities I only dreamed of before. And it is really true: controlling with Seneca is a joy!”

Alexander Klas, Business Analyst, Lehel Industrie GmbH, München

“The built-in tools make it possible for out data’s consistent representation starting from a single data input, to a balance sheet plan, all with an appealing design. For this kind of flexibility, we chose Seneca to face our controlling challenges.”

Hans Hasenberger, ppa., Vertriebsleiter, Lt. Controlling, Anton Pöllinger Brauerei e.K., Pfeffenhausen 

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