Mago4 – the innovative corporate governance system

Mago4 is one of the world’s leading IT solution providers, Zucchetti’s product. It has represents the new management solution family, which suits various operating and business needs. It has won the Italian Industry 4.0 plan certificate.

International System

More than 10000 companies use it all over the world from different sectors, who are helped by over 60 dealers.

ERP that speaks multiple languages, handles foreign currency and adapts to different taxing rules.

ERP, even from cloud ( cloud, SaaS, PaaS)

Thanks to its design, Mago4 is platform-free and accessible, whenever wherever and from any kind of device.

Various constructions fitting to your company’s possibilities provides customizable solutions by its modular structure and parameter settings.

1-5 users.

For small enterprises, administrational-accounting area, for handling efficiently stocks and sales and acquisition procedures.

5-20 users.

For small and medium sized trading, industrial or service provider enterprises.

Perfect for full cycle management, recommended until production planning and logistics.

Over 20 users.

Ideal choice producing, trading and logistic enterprises, which have higher requirements for their corporate strategy frame management.

Freely expandable

According to the growth of the company, adding new functions and modules is a possibility.

Thanks to its connection points to external applications, it can co-work or integrate with other system.

We are making integration possible with a competence awarded by Microarea with a Platinum level partnership.

User cooperation support

Technology is transforming work and communication.

The system is offering users and option for communication and cooperation in the form of internal messaging, e-mail sending or immediate sharing.

Planning support

Various planning method ensuring production having the most efficient scheduling.

Compound simulations can be run based on complex or divided scenarios on the whole storage in order of stock planning.

Supporting corporate decisions

Feedback on the status of corporate processes to support decisions.

Gain information with one look on certain process states, the state of their related vouchers/documents and make decisions faster and more efficient.

Secure corporate governance solution

Implementing high-level IT security in both internal and external environment for maximal data protection.

Security can be realized on several levels, be it rights management or the surveillance of activities, all depending on the company’s standards.

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