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CRM is necessary in the completion sphere, because there are many other who are offering products and services similar to yours. The only direction that your company stand out from the masses is to have an efficient and economical internal and external relationship management.

The evolution of CRM: xRM

xRM is a mentality, a certain business strategy and not a product. A kind of integrated leading solution that is modular – with the usage of extra compatible applications even – aids the desired workflow and its participants work. The company’s business strategy combine with CAS genesisWorlds solutions a well-customized xRM system can be created.

360° contact

A well-implemented CRM-xRM system cannot simply be taken as a tool for customer relationship, but more likely as corporate permeating strategy, that manages the colleagues and the clients interactions.

Viewing from this angle the genesisWorlds benefits are evident:

  • consistent and coherent information – that speeds up data recording and recovery

  • standardised processes – that makes work trackable and measurable

  • mobility – that provides immediate access to any kind of information from anywhere

Operating on any platform

Thanks to the SmartDesign technology, genesisWorld is capable of servicing you at once on your pc, tablet or smart phone without redundance.

Modular structure and expandability

Use the customizable CRM-xRM possibilities!

  • address management: companies, individual contacts and employee management with complete interaction history
  • appointment management, with public calendar view, event management, phone calls and tracking holidays, equipment and room reservation management
  • delegating and reporting tasks
  • opportunity management, tracking phases, status, attached activities
  • creating and filtering custom address lists
  • sending segmented newsletter with automatisation
  • individual and group based sophisticated rights and data protection system
  • reaction based e-mail and graphical planning of phone campaigns
  • tracking and evaluating expenses
  • consistent lead management
  • geomarketing
  • price lists, discount lists, creating sales processes
  • simple, quick offer creation, even from mobile
  • tracking and converging leads
  • performance measurement
  • managing tickets between clients and sites
  • only the right person, area gets notification of the ticket
  • online interface
  • recording time spent on tickets
  • creating evaluations and reports
  • processes , resource plans, fully customisable and trackable equipment
  • automatic or manual time recording
  • budget plan settings
  • event management, sending invitations directly from the system
  • public or restricted registration publishing on online interface
  • incoming registration management, creating contact profile according a new registration
  • program management
  • creating surveys in an unlimited quantity
  • surveys sent directly from the system, incoming answers are stored
  • automatic evaluation, customizable score system
  • publishing survey on online interface
  • context dependent report templates
  • reports supported via OLAP dimensions
  • report creation in given times automatically and sending to the right person or group
  • flexible filtering function, calculated data

Integration according to your needs

  • Complete MS Office integration

  • Window-in-a-window Outlook integration

  • Cooperation with various ERP systems

  • Custom development and integrating solution into your desired system

Each year ahead of the market

CAS genesisWorld comes out with a new version every year leaving the competition behind, which it receives the best user experience giving CRM award.

Customer satisfaction indicators

CAS 87%
Average of other CRMs 80%
CAS technology 93%
Average of other CRM technology 69%
CAS implementation 88%
Average of other CRM implementation 76%
CAS support 77%
Average of other CRM support 72%
CAS cost-benefit ratio 83%
Average of other CRMs’ cost-benefit ratio 77%

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