8 Omega framework

Every change is a process, in need of serious planning, implementation and follow-up. The base of Omega 8 is the logic order of change management and the execution of the needed design of actions on certain steps.

8 Omega was developed by the advisors of Business Process Transformation Group, with the analysis of over 800 different company’s change management and process alteration projects and 20 year of professional experience.

The key to 8 Omega is that the advisor can choose the most appropriate process and performance tools, techniques, and focus in parallel on

  • strategy

  • people

  • processes

  • IT

The purpose of the framework is to reveal what kind of tool on which field can be the best to reach the desired goal or improvement of the company.

  • What kind of technology serves our strategy the best?

  • Are the people competent enough, or can the desired results be achieved with just training, organisational alteration, without IT implementation?

  • Do our processes function as we want them to? Are we going to risk building an IT system on bad processes?

8 Omega framework – logic frame and methodology pool

8 Omega is no methodology. It’s a framework that has customizable advisory tools, techniques, and methodologies.

Methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, BPR, TQM are very handy in business process design but they give only a partial picture. They are good tools, but in themselves, they are not enough for a groundbreaking success most of the times.

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