Custom software development

Desktop, web and mobile application development, integration to other applications

  • Web applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Corporate governing systems

  • CRM systems

  • Document management systems

  • System integration to an already existing system

  • System extensions via external modules

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Project management

Implementing the 8 Omega system to reveal what kind of tool on which field can be the best to reach the desired goal or improvement of the company. We are offering a solution in which you can use the current advisory tools and techniques and methodologies all being customizable.

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Adult education

We are solving corporate and IT problems for over 27 years now and came in contact over a hundred companies. We possess marketable experiences in internal corporate operations and our goal is to use those experiences and knowledge to help companies to become more successful.

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Building engineering

In our company, building engineering activities work in the form of a subcontractor activity for manufacturer and servicing companies. Our main activities involve designing building engineering control, repair works, designing sewerage system equipment, providing site architect duties, maintenance and building engineer designing to it.

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Visit our webshop, where you can choose from various filaments and other accessories.

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